Meal Ideas When You're Broke


Meal Ideas When You're Broke


Chicken is typically a cheap, easy meal. This recipe will satisfy any craving for a quick and tasty meal that is also healthy.


One of my favorite chicken recipes is the Chicken Parmesan:


-Greek yogurt (1/4 cup)

-Parmesan cheese (2 tablespoons)

-Coarsely grated Romano cheese (3 tablespoons)

-Chicken breasts, cut into strips

-Salt and pepper, to taste


Beef is the common name for meat from cattle, which is edible. Beef can be harvested in many different ways, including raising beef , slaughtering of young cattle (calf), and the processing mature animals (e.g., veal).


-How to make the beef:

-You will need ground beef or mince (ground-up meat).

-Season with salt and pepper. Cook on medium heat for 6-8 minutes on each side.

-Or cook over high heat for 3 minutes on one side, 3 minutes on the other side or until browned.


Turkeys are the most prominent and heaviest members of the diverse poultry family and order. They are native to North America, domesticated by Native Americans thousands of years ago. Turkeys are created through artificial insemination - which means that if you mate a male and female turkey, they will not produce offspring.


We now raise them for their meat and their feathers (for stuffing pillows). The eggs produced by female turkeys can be eaten as well, but like those from other birds, they contain high levels of choline which can be harmful to those with liver disease.

Seafood is the collective term for animals that live in the sea and form a part of the diet of many people.


Different varieties of seafood include shellfish, fish, jellyfish, krill, shrimp and lobster. Some seafood is grown or farmed, while fishing methods catch others.

"The Vegetarian Diet is a diet which excludes all foods of animal origin. These are typically dairy, eggs, and meat."